Nestled on the western side of the Missouri River in Brownville Nebraska, the Brownville Education Center for the Arts and Humanities continues the cultural and artistic heritage of one of America’s greatest little communities in the Midwest.

The center builds upon the already great cultural institutions of several museums, art galleries, a theatre, a concert hall, an arboretum, a winery, and bookstores. Not bad for a town of only 130 residents.


Literally, literature, history and art create the foundations of the Brownville Education Center for the Arts and Humanities.

Incorporating the more than 25,000 books, manuscripts and images from the famous Omaha Antiquarium Book Store that relocated to the original Brownville schoolhouse in 2006, the Center provides a cultural and learning environment like no other. 


Drawing upon our cultural and artistic community along with the rich resources of the midwest the Brownville Education Center for the Arts and Humanities is able to provide educational enrichment and support no matter the learning level in our programs and events. 

Multiple classrooms ensure that we are able to meet the demand and diversity as it is required.


It is that moment before and after the first brush stoke, putting pen to paper, staring at a blank computer screen and typing, picking up that instrument and playing a single note, the striking of the first stage light, or the discovering something new from a lecture that can lead to a hundred different jumping off points. The Brownville Education Center for the Arts and Humanities provides that space and culture to do more. 


Be it on our stage, our gallery walls, in one of our festivals or thru electronic means, we’ll help ensure that our patrons can share and express themselves to a broader audience that helps to promote the betterment of the whole, whether that be the community or the individual.